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The Glanbrook Conservation Committee is a group of volunteers working to improve the habitat for wildlife in what was previously Glanbrook Township, but is now the new City of Hamilton. The group includes, naturalists, environmentalists, bird watchers, hikers, canoeists, as well as fishermen and hunters.


The Glanbrook Conservation Committee was established in 1990. Our first project involved the raising of pheasants for release in the Glanbrook area. Since that time, the GCC has since maintained a relatively low profile in the community. The majority of the committee activities take place in the Binbrook Conservation Area in partnership with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.

From hiking trails, to a large aquatics planting program, to an extensive tree planting program (over 10,000 trees and counting!), we have strived to improve the natural habitat for both wildlife and visitors alike in and around the shores of Lake Niapenco at the Binbrook Conservation Area.

This has been accomplished by the implementation of a variety of projects, some of which are listed below:

  • Establishment, maintenance and monitoring of Bluebird trails at the Binbrook Conservation Area

  • Hyslop Bay Wetland Restoration project that involved the construction of a carp barrier, planting of aquatic plants, tree planting in the fields adjacent to the bay, construction of nesting structures (Ontario Stewardship Project No. 805)

  • Building and supply of Nesting box kits for schools, Scout, Guide and other groups (over 900 kits supplied since 1991).

  • Pheasant raise and release program started in 1990.

  • Aquatics nursery program where we have grown from seed and planted over 30,000 wetland plant species since 1995.

  • Development and maintenance of walking trails in different areas of the Conservation Area with construction of boardwalks and benches for use on the various trails.

  • Year-round maintenance of the Tyneside parking area at the west end of the conservation area.

  • Yearly tree planting program.

  • Ongoing shoreline protection projects that have included anchoring of stumps, brush and logs to vulnerable shoreline areas

  • Placement of gabion stone over a 8m x 105m area on the main island on Lake Niapenco to create a pickerel spawning bed and protect the island from wave erosion (1997)

  • Fish structure program where we have anchored stumps and used needle-free Christmas trees to lake bottom (to date over 1000 trees).

  • Annual spring work day at the main entrance of the park where we spread stone for walkways, paint picnic tables, build and install benches, gates, spread wood chips around trees and any other project which will assist the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority with preparing the park before it opens.

  • Annual display booth at the Binbrook Fair

  • Ongoing year-round pick-up of litter over the entire conservation area.



Project Funding

Funding for projects comes from:

  • Conservation dinners in partnership with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

  • Shell Environmental Fund

  • Canada Trust Friends of the Environment

  • Canadian Waste Technologies

  • Community Wildlife Improvement Fund (Ontario Ministry Natural Resources)

  • Private and corporate donations

  • All funding received goes directly to conservation projects which are supported by volunteers

  • None of our committee volunteers are paid or receive any financial compensation for mileage or use of personal equipment

If you are interested in helping out, please feel free to contact us via Brett Harrington - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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